Greek Freak Token

How to Buy


Step 1:


Mobile Users:

Download Metamask or Trust wallet from the app store or google play for free.

Desktop Users:

Download Google Chrome of Metamask ( Trust wallet ( extension.


Step 2:

Mobile and Desktop Users:

Add BNB to your wallet by buying directly on your wallet or transfer from another wallet or buy on another exchange and send it to your wallet.


Step 3:


Mobile and Desktop Users:

Go to the and connect your wallet. Paste the GFT address 0xa4139db0626a5cf9aff524f03a24ba6f88e54dcd select it and press confirm.


Step 4:


Swap BNB for GFT


Tip Step

If you trying to swap BNB for GFT but it’s failed you may use slippage due to market volatility.